Vi Vi Vector

Originally posted on LIV A LITTLE:
Digital Artefact – Vi Vi Vector Vi Vi Vector, started out as purely artistic expression, displaying iconic snapshots or posters from iconic movies and digitally re-imaging them through the form of vector art. They were then put on Instagram and eventually transferred to the online marketplace ‘Redbubble’. However, the…

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Contextual Essay for future protein food

Blogs+prediction videos: Concept: My digital artefact is about the future of protein food in the short-term (3 years), medium-term( 20 years) and long-term (100 years). Since the technology developing speed and the natural environment is and will be different, so I have mainly discussed one animal protein alternative for each period, which…

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BCM325 Digital Artefact Report: A Series of Video Essays on Educational Holography for Lecture attendance improvement

Originally posted on Page || Trang:
As part of the Future Cultures (BCM325) subject, I have been developing a digital artefact (DA) addressing a future challenge throughout the Autumn semester. Initially inspired by the holographic counterpart singers performed in the opening ceremony of an e-sport event, my project has pivoted around holography’s potential usage in improving lecture…

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BCM 325 final project

Originally posted on 王曉萱 Felicia Wang:
There is no doubt that the development of technology has and will continue to change our lives profoundly. In the era of information overload, we are not looking for information, but the information is surrounding or even drowning us. Writing robots, algorithm recommendations, robot anchors, these seemingly “futuristic technology” concepts…

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