BCM325 research report

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Virtual reality and the future of fact In a previous blog post, I talked about Virtual reality (VR) and the future of fact, I have introduced VR’s basic knowledge, its device and my proposal about how to research it. Before start, I really want everyone to see a movie: Ready…

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Twitter Contribution

Liam Prince

For the last few weeks, I have been taking part in live tweeting throughout a film in the future cultures class. The continuous tweeting of these science fiction, cyber culture films was to create an online interaction and community of discussion. Each week we were able to hashtag #BCM325 to keep the discussion easily accessible. This blog will be a reflection of my contribution throughout the past few weeks. It will examine and discuss how I was able to connect with other classmates through twitter.  I will discuss what my tweets were based on and how I linked the tweet with personal thoughts. I will show which post were most popular and which got left behind.

The first film I viewed was Westworld, which is a 1973 American science fiction Western thriller.


Twitter was pretty new to me when this film began, so I started my posting with basic tweets.

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