The Wandering Earth

Don't Forget Stephen

For my second blog ill be looking into The Wandering Earth as I was absent for week 3.

The Wandering Earth is a SciFi movie which explores the idea of moving earth through space into a new solar system to save it from ecological disaster. Wathicng this movie was an interesting mix of different cultures and ideals held by the heros. A large dipiction of this is the way the main protagnoists interact with eachother and how they intereact with thier society. Some of the most important issues that were addressed was things such as politics, International cooperation and capatilism. From a personal perspective a lot of the movie focued upon the meaning of family, culture and personal struggles. This was highilighted a lot through the film with the death of the grandfather and teh interactions with the addoptive sister.

This movie was directed by Frant Gwo.  Born in 1980…

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The Host – Korean Film

I have never quite indulged in Korean culture or films, which is obvious by my confused reaction to this one. However, I work at a hotel and we get large tour groups of Korean people coming into stay for numerous nights everyday. Through this, the Koreans I have had experiences with are overly polite, nodding and smiling at me as they pass by the reception desk or terribly angry about something in the room, but who knows what because I’m being yelled at in a language I don’t understand.

As for Asia, I visited Vietnam and Cambodia when I was 15 wth my family and spent a month in Japan when I was 18 and fell in love with it. Japan is so rich with culture and reminded me of another dimension where everything lights up and anything can be bought from a vending machine.

Apart from this, I have nothing to do with Asia. I was born and have lived in Australia all my life, aside from the 6 months I spent in England at the beginning of this year and have had a classic suburban Aussie upbringing, playing cricket on the street on Christmas day and having a Barbecue at least three times a week.

On Wednesday this week our class viewed ‘The Host’. It’s a 2006 Korean Sci-Fi Thriller and to me it was unusual AF. I pointed out this out in my live tweeting, one tweet reading ‘Comedy or horror???????? #BCM320‘ … I also related the direction style to that of ‘Scary Movie 4’, specifically the war of the worlds part. The rest of the class was just as confused why the production team behind this movie intentionally mixed thriller and slap-stick, overacted comedy. One classmate tweeted that this was because the films makers believed that there needed to be more comedy in thriller films.

Honestly, the class was laughing at the parts that were supposed to be funny so I suppose it was successful. There was a genuine sadness in me for the family as they mourned the loss of their niece, Hyun Seo.  All in all, I was very entertained by the movie and, although, 13 years old, was ahead of its time (in my opinion). I can relate various elements of the film to certain episodes of Black Mirror or Stranger Things, both very modern “Netflix Original’s”. 

I mentioned in my tweets that I also found it “Funny how a stubborn old white American man is the reason for all this turmoil in Korea …. this film was beyond its years”, not to hint to American politics at all. As soon as the film, began we were notified of who the evil force was, with the very discernible contrast between the attitudes and cultures of the two lab workers.

I’m looking forward to delving deeper into the realms of Asian Film Land 🙂


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twittering into the future.


Coming back to uni from the break, I was concerned that my skills as a live-tweeter would have dwindled, but instead I found myself settling back into the rhythm of live-tweeting with ease.  The second batch of films was more recent but still held plenty of topics of discussion for me to latch onto.

I found myself getting dragged into long, intense debates about certain cherry-picked moments of the film, with tweets often becoming increasingly theoretical and abstract.  Whilst these were particularly enlightening to certain elements of the film, it also caused me to become distracted and I often found myself missing crucial parts of the film.

thread analysis 4thread analysis 3thread analysis 7thread analysis 8

However, I personally thought my analysis of the key themes present to be engaging and in-depth, and that the quality of both mine and other’s tweets were worth delving into.  Perhaps it is a testament to the class’s live-tweeting skills that these discussion…

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let’s make this beta than before.


Welcome back to my digital artefact for 2019.  For those who don’t know, I’ve been testing out the alpha version of the Arts, English and Media Faculty’s virtual reality art gallery.  It’s been a particularly bumpy road to this point, but it finally has a clear shape and direction.

The future of art could very well follow down the path of virtual reality, as it is a particularly useful and immersive resource that is a great avenue for displaying visuals.  Considering that this gallery is merely one iteration of this software in development, it could be presumed that VR has a role to play in the near future of art.

My new aim for the project is to develop a set of instructions that outlines how to use the virtual gallery.  These instructions will be aimed at newcomers to both the gallery and the Unreal software.  I have partnered with…

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Vi Vi Vector


Digital Artefact – Vi Vi Vector

Vi Vi Vector, started out as purely artistic expression, displaying iconic snapshots or posters from iconic movies and digitally re-imaging them through the form of vector art. They were then put on Instagram and eventually transferred to the online marketplace ‘Redbubble’. However, the products and quality of the products that were being sold with my vector art, on Redbubble didn’t fit with the audience or aesthetic I wanted to associate with my brand. Not to mention the profit margins associated with selling on the marketplace only allowed around 10% profit gain, which for the time and effort put into each piece, with next-to-no recognition, was quite disappointing.

Placing one of the most essential ideation methods into practice, I decided to brainstorm the best way to actively facilitate a way I could possibly enter the market selling vector art as my own rather from a…

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Contextual Essay for future protein food

Blogs+prediction videos:


My digital artefact is about the future of protein food in the short-term (3 years), medium-term( 20 years) and long-term (100 years). Since the technology developing speed and the natural environment is and will be different, so I have mainly discussed one animal protein alternative for each period, which is plant-based meat, cultured meat and insects respectively for each period.


The whole blog series starts with a simple but clear explanation about why we need meat substitutes. What is the main alternative that the public will consume in 3 years, 20 years and 100 years, I also listed the pros and cons of each meat alternative for each period.

I originally planned to film ‘what I eat in a day’ style video to show my prediction about future protein food. However, I later found out that it would be very difficult. So I…

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AI and Interpreting-A DA and Contextual Essay

Jiafeng Guo

Please find my DA here.

Project’s concept: My DA focused on the the relationship between AI and human interpreters. With the rise of machines, can human still make a living? When it comes to the occupations like translator and interpreter, what are the advances AI have made and what are the challenges with the fact that there are subtle differences among different languages. In the short, medium and long term, what kind of role machine will play in this relationship?

Iteration: At first, I didn’t figure out what DA I really want to demonstrate in my first video pitch until I got the feedback from Callum Harvey and Alexander Mastronardi. Callum suggested me to do some research on ‘whether AI would replace human interpreters ‘ while Alexander gave me a clue that I can focus on ‘how current interpreters are already using emerging technology’. So I did…

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