Beta: Our Future with Pollution

Ten Apples

After having “BCM325 Digital Artifact Pitch: Pollution in the Future” and “BCM325 Pitch Supplementary“, here comes the beta presentation of my project called “Our Future with Pollution“.

Beta presentation:

YouTube Video on Beta Presentation.

The content flow of the videos is going to be utilized. Start from introducing the pollution, predicting the future life, and what we can do to have improvement. And in the video, I am going to take references from the internet, including historical records like Pea Soup Fog, video games like Oxygen not included, and movies like Wall-E.

Apart from what I am going to include in the video, I am going to provide some related, additional, informative videos. They are going to be mentioned by using the card function on YouTube. Audiences can choose to have further understanding by clicking on the videos if having an…

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Beta project (cyborg)

#BCM325 Future Cultures #Week 8 #Explanation of My Project

“The cyborg is a kind of disassembled and reassembled, postmodern collective and personal self.” (Haraway,2000).

The appearance of “Cyborg” blurred the line between origin and reproduction. It breaks the concept from “Creations.” Everyone has to admit it is a futuristic and mystic topic. That is the reason why it attracts me to use “Cyborg” as my project.

I believe people may found hard to understand this academic topic with lots of technical terms. At first, I wanted my videos to be informative, to help people clearly understand the concept of “Cyborg”.

However, I changed my mind after I posted the first video to Youtube. When I read the comments, I found out people misunderstood, even afraid of “Cyborg” and the future. At that moment, I wanted my video to become educative and reflective. People would reflect their attitude of facing the future after they watch my video.

Here’s the short video that I’m introducing my beta project

Before, I was thinking about creating three short videos that suitable for the general public. I decide from now on, each video would have its specific target group audiences and utility function. People could learn different things through my video.


Haraway, D. J. (2000). A cyborg MANIFESTO: Science, technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the late twentieth century. Posthumanism, 69-84. doi:10.1007/978-1-137-05194-3_10

BCM325 – Future Cultures DA Contextual Essay + Final Project



My digital artefact discusses the various media paradigm shifts in the context of celebrities and how they present themselves. It links to four topics within the paradigm shifts: representational media, presentational media, intercommunication and the future of celebrity presentation of the self. The history of celebrity presentation has been weaved into these topics so a separate subtopic for that wasn’t necessary.


Instead of creating informative, WordPress blog posts for my artefact, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and create a YouTube video utilising audio-visual means. I created a written script, used the app Voice Memos to record the script, assembled together photos and videos relevant to the information I spoke about and used iMovie to put together the audio and visual material together. To make the artefact engaging, instead of just recording an audio, I thought that accompanying it with photos and videos would be…

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UOW Creative Digital Artefact Contextual Essay

steff harris

Art Workshop for Couples | The Art Studio


This semester, I’ve been working on an internship with UOW Creative. UOW Marketing grew UOW Creative as a dedicated prototype platform which is used to promote and showcase university life, the class environment and the creative talent within.


  • UOW Students from all campuses (international and domestic)
  • UOW Academics from disciplines related to the creative industries
  • UOW Alumni
  • High School Academics teaching disciplines relate to the creative industries
  • Future Students (international and domestic)
  • Future Student Influences (parents, friends, family)
  • Creative Industry businesses and professionals (e.g. companies, individuals, industry bodies, suppliers, facilities, art galleries, event managers, festivals)
  • Community surrounding out campuses


I have been working on the Instagram platform, and recently TikTok, with a team of 3 people. The platforms UOWCreative have are…

Within each of these platforms, there are 3 different roles: Content creator, Moderator, and Content Analyst. These roles have been rotated within…

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Future Cultures Tweets – Ghost in the Shell to 2040

The Space Between The Sky

This post follows on from my first reflection on live tweeting for the first half of BCM 325 – Future Cultures and continues to look at what were my most effective observations and tweets from the second half of the semester.

Week Six –Ghost in the Shell(1995)

This tweet fed into the recurring motif of the eye that I had been tweeting about throughout the semester and also included a creative decision by the director which has proved a popular addition to previous tweets. It was by far the most popular tweet from this week, earning 8 retweets and about 3800 impressions.


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BCM 325: Future Cultures – Reflecting on Commentary Again

The Space Between The Sky

Following on from our pitch presentations and commentary for the digital artefact, we proceeded to work on out projects and then present a beta update which the class would again comment on.

If you’ve missed anything and feel like catching up, I’ve helpfully linked my original pitch, my blog commenting on the comments I made on other pitches, and my beta.

Below you will find the latest instalment, my second attempt at trying to be helpful in the comments section.

It’s Cinema

Dayle’s Beta was the first presentation I looked at for BCM325 Future Cultures and was one I felt I might have something helpful to say. After enjoying the cinematography in the films we were watching for class and running into a few problems with her original idea, Dayle changed her Digital Artefact. Taking inspiration from the focus in week four, this DA is now comparing…

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LEt’s Take two- Live Tweet Reflection — Lizzellbee

They say the early bird gets the worm… or appropriated through the modern technological lens, the early tweet catches the word… both sentiments cannot possibly apply to me this semester and it is the most obvious improvement I need to work on. Due to my circumstances expressed in my previous post, I ultimately ended the […]

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Storytelling: Contextual report

Daisy Loomes

My blog series on the future of storytelling can be found here: (1)(2)(3)

Development of concept

Originally, I planned to undertake a more people-focused project for my Digital Artefact that would involve interviewing and working with subjects over a period of time to explore how we use language and technology to communicate. Unfortunately, the changes caused by Covid-19 meant this was no longer feasible. I continued to research language and thanks to the film portion of the BCM325 course, I became interested in storytelling and how this relates to the future.

What I have discovered through this subject is that while future studies is highly academic and utilises quantifiable data, it also leans heavily into imagining and philosophising. As obvious as it may sound, the future is a self-fulfilling prophecy; our past and what we imagine in the present directly impacts our future and how we work towards…

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Beta Comments – round two!

Mai Dang

In creating a feedback loop for my peers for their Pitch in BCM325 – Future Studies, I participated in revision for 3 betas from 3 of my classmates.

Aysha’s the Future of Fake News

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 09.55.25Aysha’s topic is extremely interesting but it can seem very broad, which is why in her Beta she tried to narrow the topic down in the future iteration of her D.A. My comment addressed quite well the aspects which she can focus on that relate directly with our lecture material, specifically the implications of A.I towards the future of news.  By providing her with some discussion questions, hopefully, this will assist Aysha with some direction in her future posts. 

I also suggested a look back to the foundational issues of Future Studies, specifically with the paradox of increasing democracy. Since fake news falls among the topic of media, surveillance, and politics, it would be worth assessing…

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