Fictional Dystopian futures (Warnings and predictions)

The Pink Protagonist

The computer has evolved significantly over the last 40 years. From humble beginnings as a clunky grey box that sat on the desk in a room to slim pocket-sized phones that we can carry around with us where ever we go. It feels almost foreign in a way to think of the days before we were able to access information from around the world with the touch of a finger. But we are not done yet, and I believe there will be a day where we do away with the need for screens or even virtual reality goggles. What I am talking about, is, of course, medical implantations that will allow us to access information with our own thoughts. Implants that make our minds and bodies the computer and controller. There have already been trials with medical implants with Eduardo Kac becoming the first human to implant himself with a…

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BCM325 A2.2 – Devin Winnie

For my DA, I have decided to switch from an Instagram page to a website. I am currently gathering sources and academic information on the sustainable solutions to climate change and am not going to publish my website until all the pages are fully completed, so my prototype is only a screen shot of the […]

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Read, Comment, Reflect

Originally posted on Blabbering On:
Providing feedback to my peers has always been a weakness of mine. There are so many balances to get right, and this time I think I did well, but there’s always room for improvement. My biggest difficulty with commenting on people’s DA pitches was finding that balance between positive feedback…

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Live-Tweeting Films

Originally posted on Elizabeth Farley:
Tweeting is something I love doing, I have an audience on another twitter account and am a firm believer that you can form real connections through tweeting. However, Live-tweeting films has proven to be harder than I thought it would be. The first film we watched, Metropolis, proved to be…

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