Robot vs. Man (?)

Shenae's Paige


So I’ve had this book for a while, and I’ve been wanting to read it, but, I try to finish books before I start new books (it never works that way). So, I decided to pack it my bags for New Zealand over the summer (camper vanning allows a lot of down time for reading). Great book, and also great that I didn’t realise it would become so handy!

Chris Moore talked about technology, our affiliation with it and how reliant we are of it where it ironically malfunctions and acts, in a way, unreliable. This reminded of the book I read over the summer: Robopocalypse- Daniel H. Wilson

To summarise this book, it is about a scientist who created a sentient A.I. called “Archos R-14” (note the 14- there were 13 tests made prior that were destroyed when deemed unsuccessful). Archos is self-aware and highly intelligent (it knows EVERYTHING!)…

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One thought on “Robot vs. Man (?)”

  1. Your concept is interesting, of course. I share this interest in my own DA. I am wondering how you plan to explore these ideas – Digital Artefact or research paper? I particularly like the idea of software viruses and glitches being responsible for the change in AI “nature” (for lack of a better word). Would these changes be the own version of evolution and mutation in a machine? As I mentioned in my own blog post, why is it so common for people to assume sentient AI would immediately be aggressive towards humans? Could this be because the programming of the AI by humans inherently embodies our own nature to destroy (by this I mean warring with each other for centuries and never learning from this)? So many things to think about. Here is another article on this discussion point although there are many results when googling “is artificial intelligent inherently bad?”:


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