Cyberpunks Not Dead



My favorite movies are Sci-Fi, but more specifically Cyberpunk is my favorite sub-genre of Sci-Fi. Movies like Blade Runner with brooding, gun toting, out cast protagonists and not so far off futures saturated with super advanced mundane technologies, urban decay, power balances and oppression.

Lately I have noticed that there aren’t a lot of new movies like this, unless they are reboots of pre-existing movies. This got me thinking about why this may be the case. Is it simply because the trend is over? Just like fashion trends, movies have always come in waves, that are hot one minute and then gone the next; the current trend being Super Hero Action Blockbusters.

I can’t help but think. however, that it could be more to do with the idea that Cyberpunk as a genre formed as a result of mans fear of technology. Cyberpunk is always set in a near future…

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One thought on “Cyberpunks Not Dead”

  1. I think maybe one of the reasons that this type of genre is dying out is because not only are we living in the age that these type of movies were set in, I believe that we have become more aware of what the future is going to look like. Some of the Sci-Fi movies back in 90’s focused on young teens who were hackers and worked off these elaborate computers and used all this far fetched terminology, but in reality today, a 14 year teenager working off his Mac Book probably has better hacking skills than these characters.

    There is still a market for Sci-Fi movies, if you take Avatar as an example. It is the highest grossing movie of all time. I think the movie industry has come for circle however and we are living in an age where we want to see the good guy vs bad, with as much, blood and violence as possible.

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