Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has always been a fascinating aspect of cyber culture, particularly for someone like me, who grew up on thought-provoking science-fiction films such as ‘Her’ and ‘Ex-Machina’. In fact, ‘Ex-Machina’ was one of the reasons for which I chose to explore the idea of Artificial Intelligence for my digital artifact. My intention is to create a 4-part podcast exploring the historical, moral, philosophical and ethical aspects  of Artificial Intelligence.

Alan Turing

The origins of Artificial Intelligence are commonly traced backed to the revolutionary mathematician Alan Turing, who first questioned whether machines can think. His adaptation of a the imitation game, which eventually became famous as ‘the Turing test’ , and according to prof. Noel Sharkey is “a useful way to chart the progress of AI” (Sharkey, 2012). Turing’s revolutionary research into Artificial Intelligence set the way for authors such as Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov, whose three laws of robotics have evolved from just a literature device into sort-of rules which are upheld by robotic scientists and researchers.

Another interesting aspect of artificial intelligence that I intend on researching, is the way that artificial intelligence has been represented in science-fiction films, from ‘Blade Runner’ to ‘Ex-Machina’. In presenting this idea, I will review the 2015 film ‘Ex-Machina’ and examine how the film deals with the fore-mentioned aspects of Artificial Intelligence. I have already begun extensive research into each individual aspect and look forward to presenting my progress through each blog post.


Sharkey, N 2012, ‘Alan Turing: The experiment that shaped artificial intelligence’, BBC NEWS, 21st November, viewed 10th March 2016,  <;

2 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence”

  1. I’ve always loved the idea of Artificial Intelligence, especially the so many ‘What-If’ scenarios surrounding the issue. The two movies you listed, ‘Her’ and ‘Ex-Machina’ happen to be two of my favourite movies, and some of the best examples of different types of AI’s. I think the topic of AI is pretty important in this age, because we’re just on the cusp of creating a genuine AI, and it’s going to be the next tipping point for humanity.

    I’m really interested in how AI is perceived through movies and television shows, and I’d be curious to find out what percentage of AI in movies are perceived as bad compared to how many good ones there are. I think how they’re perceived in the media will greatly affect the laws surround AI’s once they start being developed.

    Really interesting topic to research! Keen to listen to the podcasts you develop!


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