Rating the Rating w/ Strangers


A change has occurred between users and organisations: the rating system.  Essentially, technology is bridging a communication gap between strangers with a rating (score).

Whether it’s a like, a star, or a score, ratings are making strangers accountable for their actions, and therefore allowing economic exchanges to be conducted with less stress (apparently). I rate you – you rate me, everyone’s happy. This is the advent of the “sharing economy”. Whether you like it or not, strangers could be rating you out-of-10 on Peeple to help others decide whether to accept your friend request.

In the case of Uber, a Driver’s credibility is reliant on the trust formed between the Rider and the Driver. For the rider, a rating is a signifier of quality and assurance that their experience will be ideal.  For the Driver, the rating can be the decider of their employment. An Uber driver…

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