I find it interesting that humans can be melted in together with machinery. The creation of a person and machine to create a super human is, in my opinion, quiet extradionary.

The combination of human and machine equals cyborg.

A cyborg is defined as ‘a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts’. This was described by Manfred Clynes and Nathan Klein in 1960. Basically it is an organism that has restored function or its abilities enhanced due to an addition of an artificial component or technology that relies on a level of feedback.

For my digital artefact I will be investigating the history of cyborgs through to their current status. I will also include science fiction and entertainment based cyborgs such as the Terminator franchise.

To convey my findings and information I will use Youtube videos. This is because of 1, video based entertainment. And 2, to expand my skills in video making. Also using a video based platform will add to the cyborg ‘theme’. Almost as though seeing through mechanic eyes.


Cyborgs and Space“, in Astronautics (September 1960), by Manfred E. Clynes and Nathan S. Kline.

3 thoughts on “Cyborg”

  1. See, the difference between this subject and every other painstaking, monotonous reiterations of dumb philosophical theories is that I’m actually interested in this shit. I didn’t know that Iron Man was a cyborg! Damn, that guy is a boss and technically I mean he is a cyborg, but he still has his human conscience, where as in terminator and Crysis, the monster/machine dominates their thought process Youtube videos would be an epic idea, because who doesn’t want to visually represent cool shit? When I want to know about the history of a character in DC I don”t read it, I watch the storyline on Youtube.

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  2. Cyborgs are always cool, but you never really think of a cyborg other than a robot covered in human flesh. Would some one with a robotic prosthetic be considered a cyborg? As I find the term cyborg has an almost fearful tone to it. When cyborgs a mentioned its usually leads to destruction, but to think we could possibly be already living among them is mind boggling probably due to the fact that a real cyborg seems almost mythological like a unicorn.


  3. Cyborgs are the shit. Fallout has tons of them, in fact cyborgs help shape the storyline. Do you however think there is a difference between an Android , Robot and Cyborg. I always thought of Androids and Cyborgs as the same thing. I didnt see much difference to them until I started playing Fallout.

    In that case then Gen 2 Synths in Fallout franchise are Androids and Gen 3 synths are Cyborgs. Does that mean that Androids are less capable then Cyborgs. Are Cyborgs more advanced then Androids. If i was to talk about it in a Fallout sense, gen 2 synths may look human but know they are Synths and some gen 3 synths while aware of what they are some dont, they genuinely believe they are human and have a past. When you do kill a gen 3 synth in the game you can loot something called a “Synth Component” which allows you to tap into their memory but how can a cyborg have legitimate memory unless it was implanted within them. This level of feedback, does it reassure them that they are sentient. Does it make them feel concious. If you think about it human interaction is based on feedback also. We rely on technology to calculate sums, make phone calls etc etc.

    Who knows , i think we may be living amongst some crazy experiments. Maybe we do have Cyborgs living among us , surveying and watching what we do. Chris may even be a cyborg.


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