Penetrating the Digital Love Industry

This week I’m starting with a broad look at how sex and relationships are augmented and grow to accomodate new forms of cyberculture, robotics and communications. There are so many ways to tackle this subject; so many perspectives that I could explore. Whether we’re investigating the exploration and safe expression of niche sexual desires via simulation or virtual reality, the evolving communications frameworks of digital love,  the involvement of networked technology and robotics in love and sex, or the complex human psychological patterns developing in response to these subjects, there will be much ground to be covered.

While I am trying to work out which subject I would like to specifically, I am curating a general list of resources with short annotations on my blog. I hope that this short list will help me to determine exactly which area holds the most promise for the focus of my Digital…

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3 thoughts on “Penetrating the Digital Love Industry”

  1. i’ve never actually thought about cyber sex in this light, I’ve always thought of it as kind of strange that people get on the internet with a plethora of free porn to watch and go on a webcam sex site. One would suggest it makes the experience more intimate, rather than just choking the chicken – in a male sense of course. The psychology of sex is interesting in itself – why is it more intimate if someone is there with you? What if in the future on these webcam sex sites that there is a way to stimulate one and other? Would that render the process of sexual intercourse bereft of any sort of intimacy, or lessen the intimacy? Just a few points, so interesting man, so weird but so much interesting ah.


  2. I’ve seen the short doco you’ve posted, I must say it was so interesting to see that is how some relationships are going. I read a lot of VICE and they cover so much on virtual love. It would defiantly be a good place to keep getting information from. I think it’s really interesting and brave of you to decide to focus on a topic like this, especially as it is still considered to be a taboo to talk about sex.

    Check this out:


  3. With the sex toy industry alone growing to that of 15 billion USD (Milmo, C. 2016), it’s quite apparent that sexual technology is continuing to rise. Additionally one aspect that the digital sex and love industry may ultimately come to influence is that of the dating scene with Japan’s younger generations losing interest in relationships (Haworth, A. 2013). While still out of grasp, we may ultimately see the digital age change conventional relationships to such a point where computerised love is accepted, like that of the film ‘Her.’


    Haworth, A. (2013) Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex? The Guardian, viewed 22.03.16

    Milmo, C. (2016) Future sex: A brave new world of hi-tech goo and virtual reality, The Independent, viewed 21.03.16


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