The beginning of a “Cyber-mythology” catalogue

Matt Keats

Since my fascination of the cyberpunk genre began in high school I have been constantly drawn to the stories because of the imaginative, yet almost realistic “imaginaries” of the genre. From the total mental virtual reality device in Sword-Art online to the Bladerunner Voight-Kampff test scanner, these devices have constantly intrigued me.

Because of this, for my digital artefact, I have begun 19dgyot084zt9jpgdeveloping the idea of a website that catalogues and explores these types of Cyber-Mythologies and objects. The aim of this site is to portray and explore not only specific cyberpunk creations but to also delve deeper into the history and societal fears and concerns over such items.

In order for my site to be effective, it is obvious I must conduct deep research into the Cyberpunk genre and its surrounding culture. This will include films, books, anime series and literature surrounding these texts which will provide helpful and…

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One thought on “The beginning of a “Cyber-mythology” catalogue

  1. I think cyberpunk has always been such an interesting topic to use, because it’s so broad, so it allows artists so much free reign in designing anything they’re working on. I think the vague and broad genre’s make it so interesting, because it allows the imagination of artists to create the reality, and it makes us enjoy their work.

    I think a website cataloguing cyber-imaginaries would be massive, and would take a lot of time to create, but I feel like a well made website around this topic would be such a great tool for people that are interested around the topic. I would love to be able to sort through cyber-punk style movies and view ratings/info about them!

    Im interested to see what you come up with!


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