The Replicated Man.


Robots, Androids and Cyborgs have long been the talking point among scientists, it may well be the pinnacle of what mankind can achieve. My interest in Androids first started whilst playing Fallout 3. A post apocalyptic action RPG developed by Bethesda.  What seemed as fantasy once upon a time is now becoming all too real.  From killer robots threatening the human race in I,Robot (2004) to the sentient , compassionate kind in Bicentennial Man (1999) we have dreamed of what may become of our race in the near future. Are these games and films giving us hints to what is in store for us? One thing is certain though,  how much of a machine is a machine that wants its own freedom?

The Replicated Man is a side quest that can be obtained throughout the game . You are tasked by a Dr Zimmer , who works for a group called…

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One thought on “The Replicated Man.

  1. I love Fallout 4 and I am so excited to see how your artifact turns out!!! The most fascinating aspect of the game for me was always The Institute and the idea that the “Synths” are designed to be the next step in human evolution. It would be interesting if you further explored the character of “Nick Valentine” who was fascinating to me because, although he is a synth, he shows much more compassion than the raiders, who are human. Valentine essentially represents the idea that robots or cyborgs could be more human than human. That idea is, in my opinion, not commonly explored but is one that is incredibly interesting. I would definitely recommend checking out the film “Chappie” which explores the idea of artificial conciousness and in fact the robot Chappie acts much like a child when he is first created. Although a flawed film, Chappie does explore the idea that robots with artificial intelligence can be compassionate and sympathetic, as opposed to evil and sinister. Loved your post though. Good luck with your project.


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