The Rise of Independent Musicians


For my research and artefact projects I am going to investigate how the internet has empowered musicians. While I may also investigate how artists such as photographers also utilise the internet, at this point in my planning, musicians are perfect examples of the rapid expansion of the internet and it’s benefits. The music industry, previously controlled and dominated by record labels, music programs and few artists is now highly accessible by independent artists, covered by a wide range of media and has an extremely saturated market in terms of the range of artists.                   While there are more artists I want to explote, two in particular are Flume and Ta-Ku who both garnered their fame largely through the internet.

From my preliminary research I’ve found several papers relating to the changing industry specifically and I believe I’ll be able to find a…

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2 thoughts on “The Rise of Independent Musicians”

  1. Hi Chris,
    As someone who thoroughly enjoys music myself I too find this subject interesting. There is no doubt the internet has changed the way of the music industry in terms of gaining recognition and the distribution of music. I would be interested to see if the internet and sights like soundcloud and bandcamp have changed the way musicians produce music, not only in terms of quality but also quantity. I feel we are seeing more and more musicians releasing quick singles and demos, sometimes totally unexpected (take Kendrick Lamars recent “Untitled” for example).
    Perhaps talking and interviewing actual bands and musicians would be really beneficial for this project.


  2. This post brought back good memories of the days I use to dig through Myspace, Triple J Unearthed and Last Fm in search of brilliant unknown indie bands. Myspace in the past was the platform for all aspiring artists in the past, I don’t think Facebook ever developed the same vibe and culture that Myspace managed to do.

    Also, I’m surprised you didn’t mention Youtube as an important tool. Sound cloud is good but there seems to be more interaction, greater audience and capabilities for musicians on Youtube, we have seen a great mass of rising artists and personalities arise from Youtube. Could you justify why you had selected Sound Cloud over Youtube in this post?


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