Children’s Digital Culture


Children’s gaming is a fast-paced and growing industry that aims to do more than just entertain. Educational games are created to help children build necessary skills beyond the classroom environment. While there are many that argue that these games are harmful to education there are those that believe this technology is allowing children to develop and learn more than ever before.

For the research project I will be aiming to investigate educational games and the role of digital technology in children’s digital culture. This includes the growth and development of these games, as well as the effects on children and education.

This year I am also completing DIGC310, where I will be creating a pitch for the development of an educational game for children, which aims to teach children about health and nutrition. This pitch will be the case study for my research and I will be integrating the research I do…

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2 thoughts on “Children’s Digital Culture

  1. This is a really interesting topic to look at, what spiked your interest in child games?
    I think its really important for the current generation to engage and learn from technology, because in the future that is all they will have, paper will be a thing of the past so they might as well start learning how to use tablets and computes from an early age. I wish there were more educational games we could have played when I was in primary school. Good luck with further research! You could maybe talk about the rise of technology in schools and the ‘bring your own device’ government initiative in schools etc!

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  2. Its easy to appreciate the learning as a result of educational games, but its the overuse that’s problematic. A tendency of many parents to allow devices to ultimately baby-sit their children with the belief that it is beneficial due to the associated learning/education tag. I agree that technological games do have benefits and capabilities for children to access more skills but its this concept of moderation that some parents seem to not grasp the concept of. That leads to addiction at an early age, inactivity, social skills and a lack of “Real world” learning. There is this possibility of an early age reliance on technology that is developed and continued through adulthood that raises ethical issues.

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