Music: The Fire of the Party?

So as you can see the trend of my project is leaning towards the Audio tangent.                     The direction I want to take is still to be confirmed… I’m almost there!

Little background story – For the past 5 years I have been a DJ – in a Cybercultures world, I would be called a number of things: Just another DJ, Fuqboi, The Guy who presses Play, and a person who hears the most common question phrase and question of all – “Can I request a song?”

“If I had a dollar for everyti…    nevermind.”

Seriously, being a DJ is not easy by any means. It is not as simple as,  “you are being paid, to do your job, which is being a DJ – How hard is that?” There are varying factors to being a DJ and being a great DJ – a DJ plays what is known on the radio, plays music that everyone would expect and mixes from track to track like an iTunes Playlist on Shuffle mode. A great DJ on the other hand,  builds from track to track.

Analogy Breakdown: Picture a scene, with your mates out camping, where you decide its probably a good time to start a fire because its freezing outside. The fire starts with a small amount of starters and some kindling; from here the fire starts to radiate, and you decide to place larger sticks over the pit to increase the intensity a little more. From here you are building on a fire which blazes very quickly in the beginning, but now it is your job to maintain that fire and heat throughout the night.

Therefore, if you can start a fire you have just completed “How to be a DJ 101.”

The reasoning behind the fire analogy is based on my recent finding of an application that allows anybody at a party, event or gathering to be the life of the party with just an iPhone, Spotify and this wonderful app called Serato Pyro.

It is the answer to all my questions in most cases because:

  1. I can now DJ with just my iPhone and a set of really good Hi-Fi Speakers
  2. I don’t have to be the awkward guy in the corner
  3. I can socialise, dance and let Serato Pyro do the work for me
  4. I don’t have to set-up or pack-up anything

I’d like to unpack this app, as a result of technology being completely efficient to our lives in any way, shape or form.

I’d still like to relate some of it to music and how we engage with music in different environments – but of course it’s still yet to be confirmed.

– Dan

2 thoughts on “Music: The Fire of the Party?”

  1. One aspect that Serato Pyro could ultimately impact is the adaptability of certain DJs and the industry. Take Carl Cox for example, he has maintained himself at the forefront of the industry through interest of emerging technology, from vinyl, to CDJs through to Ableton Live (Spender, R. 2011). An interesting approach to the breakdown of this application could be that of how commercial DJs may integrate this into their mixes and performances, or distance themselves from such. Perhaps through increased digitised DJ industry, we may see an increased interest into the already reviving vinyl sets due to the emotional and social gratification associated with that technology and niche.


    Spencer, R. (2011) Carl Cox on Ableton Live, DJing technology and his new album, Music Radar, viewed 24.03.16


  2. I’d be really interested to see where you took this research in regards to the changing role of the DJ as technology continues to develop. I think the statement of yours that really hit the nail on the head for me was “I can socialise, dance and let Serato Pyro do the work for me”. So then, if that’s the case, the question becomes ‘what is the DJs job?’ if the app is doing all the ‘work’.

    Because of course, as you touched on, it’s not as simple as just playing the music, yet we still fall back on the assumption that the DJ wouldn’t be working if the app was running the music for them. Maybe looking at the potential development of the DJ into ‘hype maintenance’ if you will in a wider field, maybe generating atmosphere BY being out there on the floor socialising and dancing. This is all kind of mangled and disorganised, but I’d be intrigues to hear your thoughts on what the role of a DJ becomes when the app can mix their music for them.


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