A Cyber-punk Storefront

For the first time in my university life I think I have found an idea I genuinely like and have it rather organised before week 6. As an update, my digital artefact for DIGC335 will be an in-depth look at several major imagined objects from Cyber-punk texts. This will include a description of the object and its uses within their respective text, and then the historical and social contexts of which these objects and devices have derived from. Furthermore, I will be exploring how such objects are a reaction to real world fears and concerns portrayed through the Cyber-punk genre, or alternatively, how this article explains, that dystopic Sci-fi could be generating fears towards future technologies.

I have narrowed down the formats which I am considering using to two possibilities (at the moment). Firstly, and simply I can’t go past the idea of a simple ‘imgur’ album with descriptions. This format will be easy to create and easy to navigate, but because of this simplicity it may be boring and dull to view. Which brings me to the second possibility, which wasn’t entirely my idea but I do really like it. Angus suggested in our tutorial of creating a virtual storefront where my objects could be displayed. This would certainly create an interesting aesthetic for viewing the objects and could possibly allow for a more holistic experience with each object. This ‘experience’ would be created through a series of images for each object, with descriptions and annotations, overall providing, I feel, a cleaner format. Nevertheless, I have time to continue developing these ideas.4ff54bb1f8e6045336d11414443864e0

In the meantime, I have begun researching my first two objects, The Voight Kampff tester from ‘Bladerunner’ and The Dominator from ‘Psycho-pass’. Both are proving to be quite interesting to research, not only their uses and context but the ideologies behind such objects. Both of these objects revolve around power, control and the search for truth.

hqdefault cerevo_life_size_psycho-pass_dominator_replica_1







The search for more interesting items within Cyberpunk continues. I’m looking to possibly do a virtual reality system, be it also from ‘Psycho-Pass’, ‘Sword-Art Online’ or ‘Neuromancer’. I’m also leaning towards exploring the Neuralyzer from Men In Black. Although this might be stretching the genre of Cyber-punk a little too far…

Either way, the search continues and any pointers would be much appreciated!

6 thoughts on “A Cyber-punk Storefront”

  1. The idea of having a catalogue of cyberpunk objects is great! It would be so convenient for so many games and content creating, that draws from other universes created by other authors.

    The idea that your friend Angus gave you regarding a visual storefront is great! It would be awesome if you could design some sort of ‘Pawn-Shop’ where you could look around and look at all the random objects pulled from different cyber-punk universes, and being able to view all the information about it!
    I’d also be really interested in maybe being able to compare each object through a currency. Maybe if you could compare each object and assign what you think it might be worth in whatever currency to want to use?

    Keen to see what objects you end up choosing!


  2. I am keen to see this project once it’s completed! Being able to see objects in one place that have made a big impact on pop culture, and even some that have influenced technology of today, will make your project a type of database of cyberpunk history.
    With the objects you use, I think it would be beneficial to write what year the movie or TV show was based in and, for the years that have already passed, compare it to technology that we see in use or even what is being developed. If you could find rough estimates of how much the object would actually cost could add an interesting element to your project, although I do understand that may be a bit difficult in practice.
    This site seems to have a whole list of Cyberpunk movies (and other media) which might help you find other titles that include some very interesting imagined objects: https://cyberpunkdatabase.net/movies.php


    1. Hey
      Thanks for the ideas and list! The price is definitely something I’m interested in as it would really add to my project, and comparing objects is also something I am intending to look at.


  3. I really do love the idea of formatting it as a faux cyber-shopfront, it reminds me in some ways of the old school classic online virtual realities, built out of words and maybe some images, but ultimately really simple and fleshed out with the imagination – kind of like the mansion setting of the MUD from the Julian Dibble reading.

    In that light I personally would really like to see you extend this store front concept to give it a sense of virtual space somehow. Maybe create a tour around imagined rooms stopping to discuss the objects (something along the lines of the Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls?). Not sure exactly how you’d want to do it but I think it could be really fun (I mean, let’s be real, the idea is already really fun).


  4. Cyberpunk is a subject I honestly know nothing about but so I can’t really add insight regarding the topic but your idea of focusing on objects as a reflection of real world fears and the forecasting of a dystopic future of humanity is an intriguing subject!

    In terms of presenting your artefact, another idea to consider is integrating various cyber-punk objects into a battle card game of sorts. You could have different categories such as weapons, health + medical, ways of thought etc. and within these categories have a few cards which can be used in a real life interactive dual. Something like Pokemon and Yuh Gih Oh where the skills, attack/defence, safety features of each card can be used in battle with different power strengths/weaknesses. You could incorporate objects from different movies and time periods. On the card you would include an image of the item, some background info on it, the accuracy/strike rate, the best conditions to use it in and any other relevant information that also adheres to a battle card game theme.

    Good luck, can’t wait to see how you pursue this project because it seems that there are many great and unique ideas around it!


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