Drone: Extension of the Term

T H I N K Sam

Drones allow an extension of the human eye from a unique perspective from a controlled camera flight. This referral offers analysis of the bridge between technology and human capacity. I want to explore the nature of the drones lens in cybernetic comparison to the eye, as well as FPV (first Person View) as the entry into intentional narratives drawn by their development. Almost think of the view from a drone as if the operator were inside the drone when thinking FPV flight.

The drone industry started with a public perception of fear and lead to anxieties about military and surveillance use that ultimately restricted policy towards the potential for expansion. 3D Robotics CEO has detailed the rising of a small online community “Small UAV Coalition” that according to their website aims to challenge current legislation that restricts the development for enthusiasts to suit their drone needs. They’ve impressively…

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