Cyborgs Pt. 2

Apon conducting research into cyborgs, I came across the highly skeptical practice of biohacking.

Biohacking differentiates from cyborgs in that most of biohacking is not approved. Although cyborg is still a term that the public tends to not use due to misconceptions about what they exactly are. Though there are some people with implants that call themselves cyborgs. And are proud to be known as that.

Now I am not completely familiar with cyborgs and the culture surrounding them, as the further I’ve researched, the more complex the topic appears to be. So with the knowledge I have obtained from my research I will be making my Youtube videos into a mini information series about the culture.

Some ideas I am thinking for topics include:

– What is a Cyborg?

– The Rise of the Cyborg

– Modern Day Cyborg

And more ideas when they come to mind!

One thought on “Cyborgs Pt. 2

  1. It’s seems as if you’re missing a few critical elements here in your study concerning biohacking. Firstly, a definition of what a cyborg is, and whether biohacking actually is the same thing, and secondly, the ethical issues that arise when contemplating the legal frameworks, judgements, accessibility, and individuality of using technology to enhance human conscience and flesh. An example of this is: if we are enhancing our everyday lives already through technology we naively believe to be solely benefiting us and not the surveillance and commercial networks which benefit from our data e.g. use of location services and cookies on your device to track your spending habits, whereabouts and political values, then what kinds of ethical violations may occur when the technology lives inside us? For more information on the kinds of cyber practices that already exist, this TED talk about data collection is a good place to start, as well as any kind of detailed resource on bioethics, such as ‘Bioethics: the basics’ by Alastair V. Campbell.


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