#DIGC335 – Strange Days Character Overview

One thought on “#DIGC335 – Strange Days Character Overview

  1. I’ve just binged the last 3 podcasts (getting to podcast 4 after I write this comment).
    I like the idea of retreating from cyberculture, that it is the thing yielding some kind of threatening force. The notion of the cybercultural outcasts particularly interests me as I have experienced being cast out of a cyberculture and can ably relate to the feeling of displacement. I am relieved to see someone not trumpeting the glories of cyberculture, instead openly claiming it as the “unfriendly” space it is all too willing to be. Flame wars are one of the most simple examples of how cyberculture can reject individuals all too easily. As much as it is an affordance of a multitude of niches, the harsh nature of real life carries through. It’s a behaviour we can’t escape. I wonder how your game will explore this in a way that isn’t utterly depressing :p


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