Hacktivism: The Early Days.

B. Jones


Everything has a beginning and an end, but this is may not be true for all things. We have witnessed the beginning of hacktivism but will we ever witness the end. Hacktivism began in the 1960’s and the phrase was first coined at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), where social and political justice was not the aim but rather to save as much money as possible as college students.

The first noticeable form of hacks which eventually led down the path of hacktivism, was referred to as phone phreaking. These phone phreaks were people who used a recorded sound to by pass paying for a long distance call. The phone phreaking era begun due to a man called Ralph Barclay and book called the “Bell System Technical Journal”. Within this book Barclay discovered that the phone lines were ‘singing’ to each other to signal that they were both free…

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