Creating Spreadable Media

This week for my digital artefact, I decided to do some academic research behind content creation, and what makes content viral and reach large audiences. Chris had suggest a great book called Spreadable Media which was published by Henry Jenkins, which talks about viral media, and what it takes, and what it contains.

Henry Jenkins in ‘Spreadable Media‘, talks about every concept imaginable that is relatable to Chattr. One that he talks about is engagement and exploitation of fans and user labour, which is two completely different ways to think about your audience. On one hand, you can engage with your audience in a positive way, by creating content that they want to see. Or you can exploit your fans through forced advertising and thinking mainly about the money, rather than the audience.

The biggest example that springs to mind is Facebook, and the different methods and approaches…

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One thought on “Creating Spreadable Media”

  1. Its interesting the way you are discussing advertisements as though they have to be dedicated to one section of a site, flashing in the side bar as you explore. Advertising in this day and age has also evolved, and some of the better models I’ve come across thrive off transparency: Making the audience aware that the product discussed is paying for discussion time, but assuring the quality of discussion is not tainted by the money. Femsplain ( utilised advertisers to decide the theme for the articles that month, introducing the brand with the theme, youtube content creators utilise products for an array of things – take the alo mo guys who decided that the best way to advertise gogurt wasn’t to discuss its eating potential, but rather to drop a large weight over them and watch them splat. Sometimes a clear and transparent advertising model can work a lot better than annoying popups or flashy side bar images. Perhaps this is a further possible avenue for exploration.


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