More than Music

I have always had an intense obsession with the art form of music video. Rage influenced my childhood more than I’d like to admit – but it was never just about music (although Daft Punk at 9a.m. never hurt anyone). Film-clips gave musicians an additional platform to not only convey their tracks, but an effective tool they could use […]

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Cyborgs Pt. 2

Apon conducting research into cyborgs, I came across the highly skeptical practice of biohacking. Biohacking differentiates from cyborgs in that most of biohacking is not approved. Although cyborg is still a term that the public tends to not use due to misconceptions about what they exactly are. Though there are some people with implants that […]

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What is the body in cyberspace?

If cyberspace is ‘a consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation,’ (Gibson, W. 1995) then cybersex is a collective, presumably consensual hallucination experienced by an indeterminate number of operators in every nation that has adequate internet infrastructure, dependent heavily on the minds of those involved. The blurred line between real and…

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Students Have More To Say

Originally posted on C O D I E N:
The parties of assessment are Students v Academics (a direct relationship) and Students v Education (a sustained relationship) – and I’m talking about Education as a bureaucracy here. I’m studying this social phenomenon through the lens of Cyberculture (Manovich) or better yet, what occurs to the…

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