The Economics of Driverless Cars

When looking at the future of driverless cars, we need to take into account the different economic changes that will occur with this shift in technology. What job industries will suffer and will new ones arise? Will the actual price of the vehicle be affordable for the average family? Do the benefits outweigh the negatives? These […]

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Sex in space

Through my exploration of sex and sexuality online during my early research, and attempt to briefly define these concepts during my presentation on sex in cyberspace, I have arrived at this research question: How does the virtual experience transform our conceptualisation of sex, sexuality and sexual interaction? While this is a very broad area of […]

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can we make robots ethical?

Our major concern for the future of robots and AI, are robots becoming crappy because its creators, us fickle humans, are crappy. Like accidentally swearing in front of your 1 year old and it’s first word being #$%&, we worry about passing on our least favourable qualities to our creations. The last thing anyone wants […]

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Human-Robot Relationships

The growing fear of robots taking over the world has become a dominant discourse when discussing advanced A.I. Will they’re intelligence override human intelligence? Will they become the dominant life-form? I believe the biggest threat super intelligent robots pose to humanity is how we form relationships with these robots. Will human-robot relationships become more important than […]

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