Advanced A.I.: Robots with feelings

For my digital artefact I have decided to create a series of blog posts that will address super advanced artificial intelligence, how this may come into being, what the implications may be, what sort of resistance it will be met with and how it is currently imagined in film. I will explore different areas that relate to the umbrella concept of advanced machines that have a sense of self awareness or a ‘consciousness’.

My first area of study will be into the actualisation of robots who can think, feel and react on their own accord. I will look into the definition of ‘consciousness’ and argue wether or not it is possible for a machine to contain the same consciousness that human beings experience.

Next I will explore the sort of emotional relationships human beings have developed with technology to date and imagine the possibility of how deep these connections could go if machines appeared to or did have their own consciousness. I will also watch the films Her and A.I. Artificial Intelligence and analyse the human-technology relationships portrayed in them. From this I can imagine the possible depth of emotional relationships between humans and self-aware machines and the implications of this.

The last thing I will be researching is the type of resistance that may be met with the rise of super advanced artificial intelligence and the reaction to machines that appear to be conscious. The movies Ex Machina and Chappie will help me imagine the type of resistance there will be against advanced machines and the negative or positive reactions to them.

Each area of study will have approximately 700 words dedicated to it plus I will ensure to include images, links and videos on my blog to make it interactive and engaging.

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3 thoughts on “Advanced A.I.: Robots with feelings

  1. Hey thanks for your post, AI is a super interesting topic. There’s a lot to cover on it and it’s sort of an awkward field because we’re sort of starting to see all these lowish level forms of artificial intelligence around such as Siri, games, robots that can walk and talk and self driving cars (which from what I can tell seem to be jumping up a notch) but there’s so much in terms of possibility and it seems to be expanding at an exponential rate.

    The films you’ve picked out I think are really good in that it sort of gives a depiction of our cultures views about AI. I’ve seen Ex Machina and Chappie. Ex Machina is a really cool movie with the whole idea of super realistic AI, possible danger and how we could fall into traps with it. Chappie is a good film but it almost goes above and beyond AI in how it addresses consciousness and (sort of spoiler alert but) the transfer of consciousness from humans to AI. While the idea of it is cool I think it’s pretty unrealistic especially how they play it out in the movie and it’s almost a different topic.

    Another area you could potentially touch on is how people are reacting to the rise of AI now. Just recently a bunch of very human AI videos were doing the rounds on social media and it was very interesting to see the range of reactions it received from people, from “cool!/ very exciting” to the whole watch out skynet view. A bunch of important people are super wary of it to, 3 big proponents of it being Elon Musk (founder of Space X and Tesla), Bill Gates and Stephen Hawkings, all super smart people and they do make some good points about potential risks.
    This article touches on some of Elon Musk’s view’s and his steps against it…

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  2. It seems like you are investigating a very interesting aspect of human and A.I relationships. I would love to see what other aspects you uncover regarding this . I am focusing on Fallout 4 and should synths have human rights. Synths are intelligent machines created by the Institute so to a degree there is a level of conciousness involved. I think a good movie which i really enjoyed was Eagle Eye. Its the idea of a smart computer who wreaks havoc . The concpet is pretty interesting , although it is very hollywoody.

    When i watched Ex-Machina i found it fascinating at the end where the cheif scientist (dude with beard) explains that she could earn her freedom through the manipulation of a human. I was stoked when i saw this and it really did make me start thinking. There is no doubt that the intelligence available to this replicated race is beyond human imagination yet we still tend to classify ourselves higher than them .

    In Fallout 4 there is a prototype Synth that was disregarded by the Institute and he goes by the name of Nick Valentine. His memory is based on a pre war detective who volunteered to have his memorys transferred and put in this synth . But the thing is that this Synth knows that he is a synth , so he has two sets of conciousnes, one belonging to Nick and the other to himself which often confuses him , howeever he is aware of the situation. While obviously a product of gaming the idea is amazing and really interests me . Maybe you should look him up, Hes also a friendly A.I and helps humans out of free will not in a sense he is serving them .

    He explains that he was met with a lot of resistance and not everyone liked the idea of a synth walking around especially after the broken mask incident .. Youll hear it in the stroy below..

    Good luck and really keen to hear your thoughts

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