Cyberethics: Open for Discussion

Media Tear

Cyberethics is fragile, controversial, and variable. In a sense that one groups idea of what is ethical and moral is likely to completely differ to another groups. Its a matter of perspective and what people want out of Cyberculture. Consider the viewpoints on on Torrenting, unauthorised streaming and downloading – all illegal within many countries including Australia but that has not stopped people from doing so and many people do not agree with those laws.

There are multiple viewpoints on the issue. Firstly, the “fundamentalist protectors” against piracy. Where pirating equates to stealing a car. A consideration to make is the people involved in the production process, whom some believe deserve the credit, appreciation and to be paid for their work. Some suggest that piracy is lowering the incentive and desire to produce new and innovative entertainment.

Alternatively, there are the “fundamentalist libertarians” that believe that information and content should be…

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