DIGC 335 – Music Technology Post 2


I’ve found a lot more direction and done a lot more research since my last blog post. Initially I was pretty keen to look at how musician’s can succeed in the modern world, independent of a record label although this is a difficult topic because in the modern industry there are blurred lines as to whether a musician is truly independent or not and many larger artists eventually need a record label, even just to help manage their workflow. In short, record labels do still hold power within the industry although diminished. (La Rocca, 2014)

My main focus is looking at how technology has enabled modern musicians, specifically the internet as well as music software/ (such as DAW’s) hardware (such as samplers).

The internet has given musicians an unprecedented ability to network with other musicians and have an organic reach to a varying fan base. (Baym, 2010) Although, in recent…

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