Fantasy Football

Before winter sports season has starts, we are bombarded with ads spread throughout newspapers, across and billboards and televisions, asking us would we like the chance to a ‘Super Coach’. SuperCoach allows fans of different sporting codes within Australia to create their own team, compete against other fans and strive for premiership glory.

DIGC335, has given us the opportunity to research, create and explore the idea of Cybercultures. I don’t have an extensive knowledge or a keen interest in the type of matters surrounding Cybercultures, but I’m hoping this will change this semester.

Our major assessment is to create a digital artefact around the topic of Cybercultures. For this assessment I wanted to undertake something that I had an interest in but something that I could also learn more about. I’m a massive sports fan, I will watch any type of competitive sport. With that in mind I’ve decided to take…

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One thought on “Fantasy Football

  1. I think this is a really interesting topic for your research project. All too often, these online communities are dismissed as being part of the sporting world, rather than the cyber world. How do dynamics of sports fans change in cyber space, as opposed to a playing field?
    I look forward to your exploration of how cyber communities interact with real world sports and stats!


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