Hacktivism: Getting Political

B. Jones


After phone phreaking, hacking began to become a lot more serious. In the 1990s hacking began to become a tool of protest and new era of demonstration had begun. In 1994 an activist group known as the zippies used denial of service attacks and launched an email bomb. This was aimed at the then Prime minister of Britain John Major, they were specifically targeting his Criminal Justice and Public order act which was going to begin outlawing outside raves.

The DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks took down many British government websites for up to a week. This protest to the British government became known as the “Intervasion of the UK”. Although according to some the intervasion did not shut down government websites for weeks as there were not that many at this stage. The DDos was done by targeting a host service provider which all government email had led…

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