ANSWER: Would you turn off life support?

Shenae's Paige

real-life-bina The real-life Bina (BINA48 is created off Bina) and Martine

In researching numerous fiction and non-fiction sentient robots and their function, I began to start my search for BINA48. In the process I came across a source containing of a 2003 mock trial of BINA48 and attorney Martine Rothblatt ‘filing a motion for a preliminary injunction to prevent a corporation from disconnecting an intelligent computer in a mock trial’ at the International Bar Association conference in San Francisco, 16th September 2003. Ultimately, legally, can you turn off life support for A.I.?

This mock trial is extremely important to the future of A.I. and the development of sentient robots as this is definitely deemed to occur. The boundaries between human and robot are blurring and distinction is fading. Sentient robots are (or would be) deemed as being self-aware alive ‘individuals’. It is noted in the formal email from BINA48 reaching out…

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One thought on “ANSWER: Would you turn off life support?

  1. Just the look of this thing gives me max goosebumps. Can’t deal at all. It’s so lifelike I almost feel bad for thinking about turning it off, which is a worry, cause I’m a pretty cold soul. The fact that it was able to intercept the information about its termination is just an indicator about how potentially dangerous these things can be. They’re created by humans, but have more capability than humans? Where is the fairness in that? I’m not going to lie, I’m an advocate for euthanasia, so I guess I’m in agreeance to ending lives (ethically) with processes like that – especially if they can tell it’s going to happen. Give that thing an extra 2 weeks and it’s intercepted the FBI’s intentions and spying on people. That’s obviously just speculation but robots totally freak me out. Although I do believe if they’re sentient beings, they deserve rights – we just have to tinker enough with the technology that we create “walled gardens” around this sort of information.


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