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Brands are essentially a universe of their own.  They tell a story, they deliver an idea, all with the intent for you to listen to them, to engage with them, to buy their products, or subscribe to their service.  My prezi explores how transmedia can be utilised within branding strategies, looking at case studies of Melbourne Metro’s Dumb Ways To Die, and Childish Gambino’s Because The Internet.  I also pose the question of whether or not our personal branding/online presence is a transmedia narrative in itself.

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  1. I found myself drawn to your commentary on our ‘personal’ branding, as you said, we want to send a message, or an idea out into the world of who we are, the impression we want to make in people’s minds. It is quite interesting comparing the transmedia element with personal branding when you think about the different social media platforms you use. I reserve Instagram for more ‘classy’ photos and an artistic/photography vibe, because yes i’m Instatrash. Facebook I want to keep the same and consistent with little change and few status updates, i’m not really sure why, but I think I want my ‘brand’ on Facebook to be that i’m not really on it as much as I want people to know. Then there’s Snapchat, which I update prolifically with all types of content, the artsy, the goofy and all. Separately they all tell different sides of me, but viewing them all together is a more formed picture of who I am on social media, and that I separate how I want to be seen by which platform I use. Not related to this, but I read this interview about transmedia storytelling that you may find useful 🙂

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