Invoking Immersion

Virtual Reality, what is that right? Is it a reality that is virtual or is it much more? Personally I just think most of the time ‘how good would porn be when it’s up in your face’. Don’t worry about other perceptual tools, societal benefits or gaming innovations, it’s all about satisfying that libido man. Seriously though, through VR we’re not just going to be watching a video, in fact we’ve got a whole extra entity to a ‘video’ when it is 360 degrees and bereft of any distraction.

There’s not a great amount of theory regarding the avocations and invocations of 360 video, as it’s fairly complex to consider the medium as not new, but an improvement from what we are usually able to see. Think of it as an alleviation of restrictions on our perception. I’m not referring to hardware restrictions, I’m referring to exactly the opposite, the visual restrictions on the user, when using the device. The terms used are generally monoscopic for a limited view, and stereoscopic for an unrestricted view; more like a bubble. However, we can stitch monoscopic visions into stereoscopic visions using certain tools (that are about as easy as trying to explain to someone why Kim Kardashian is influential). But this is generally the most common way to produce 360 videos right now, hopefully it will change.

“This sense of 3D empowers remote operators to accurately position and orient robot end-effector with confidence. Experiments have been conducted to reveal the usefulness of real-time 3D stereoscopic video feedback over multiple monoscopic video feedback in real-time teleoperation.” (Fung et al. 2005).


So, we are blessed with this convenience of being able to pull up a porno on our phones, laptops, PlayStation (if you’re into that), and we have the avocation of watching an entertaining video (ignoring the pure lack of genuineness) – with 360 (VR) porn we now have the invocation to look \around, we are invoked to have the ability to control (to an extent) what we’re watching. If you don’t want to see the explicitness you don’t have to I guess.

Bring this back to a whole other purpose, say for my project. We now have this ability to take in the environment we’re placed in. We are invoked to take part in this bubble, to explore it – I believe there’s an inherent link between curiosity and the ability to empathise. Feeling like you’re in a particular environment could be essential in being consumed in the narrative, and I bet you can’t tell me you don’t feel for the characters in a narrative. That is all.


Fung, W.K., Lo, W.T., Liu, Y.H. and Xi, N. 2005, ‘A Case Study of 3D Stereoscopic vs. 2D Monoscopic Tele-reality in Real-time Dexterous Teleoperation’, IROS.

5 thoughts on “Invoking Immersion

  1. I’ve noticed that quite a few people are looking into VR for their digital artefacts but all relevant to different factors. It really opens up the ideas of how much VR can affect so many things. Below is a link to Gemma’s blog where she is delving into how sex and relationships are accommodated in cybercultures, robotics and communications:

    Then there is Daniel, who is looking at how VR can make bathroom or kitchen revonations more efficient. Whilst there is a virtual reality screen on a lot of retail stores such as Beaumont Tiles, where you can change the colour of certain aspects to see how it fits, you don’t really get a real view of what it would look like in your kitchen. His author thread of the cybercultures blog is linked below, he has not posted blog updates as of yet with this idea (he was doing music prior to this VR idea), but it might be cool to keep an eye-out:

    There are several others, it might be a good idea to explore different areas of VR and how it is relevant to life and experience.


    1. BRUH, I appreciate that you want to criticize what I’m doing so you might well receive some extra marks for leaving links, and seeming like you’re engaging in others content – and be that one person who ends up with an HD on the grounds that the title can’t be bothered looking through the 400 sources you referenced just to tick the boxes. However, my project is nothing like anyone else’s, it’s of a much larger scale and very difficult to explain the grand scale through blogs. These blogs are a fuck around for me TBH, I want to give people something to laugh about and engage them in some stuff they don’t know. But cheers for your insight, I recommend reading my other blogs if you are interested in understanding my project.


      1. Is this Tom from the morning class? I looked back at your Research Proprosal post and realised it was you. Sorry I didn’t comprehend in this blog post it was you. I saw your presentation, love you idea; huge idea. I hope it eventuates to something big in the real world, it is definitely necessary.


  2. Hey, an interesting aspect to include when looking at invoking immersion would be how VR can break down the ‘fourth wall’. I found two articles that give some great start off ideas on how VR effectively breaks down the fourth wall, which could be of use to you. The first states that when an audience can manage the medium, “there is an unparalleled connection between audience and story”: The second article also touches on VR and storytelling, and includes an example of how VR’s ability to break down the fourth wall to treat “anxieties and phobias such as PTSD. Users have the ability to confront their conflicts without real world consequences.” It also touches on how controversial the notion of experiencing something “without real world consequences” can be – which could be a fascinating area to research into:


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