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Drone Ethnography

Ethnography – refers to studies of a cultures customs and habits

“Nanomachines, flying robots, botnets, and AI. The genre status switches between blockbuster and headline on a weekly basis.”

The Internet is already a widely accepted use of technology, no one has any problems with it but it hasn’t always been the case. Connections can be drawn with how our obsessive use of the internet is linked to why we as a participatory culture are subconsciously becoming a drone enthusiast society. If we look at the drones characteristics and then we look at current technological consumption, we can see the definitive overlap.

Drone Technology characteristics

  • UAV
  • Geographic information systems
  • Surveillance
  • Sousveillance – that is an activity is recorded by a participant in that activity.
  • Mediation platform – its own experience

Now if we look at the consumer side of technological consumption we see

  • Mapping programs (I a likened…

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