Should mobile phone access be considered a basic need?

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With the structure and basic content of my research project very clear in my mind, it’s time to do the lit review! I must admit I was a little overwhelmed at first as to how to keep track of all my research and keep my direction clear, hence the delay on this post…

Nevertheless! I decided to make a Google doc of the aggregated resources I’ve found so far and conduct my literature review. Turns out there is a lot of information on every topic and naturally I want to share it all, so my biggest challenge will be determining what is most vital to include in the video series. If I find I can’t fit everything I want to share in the videos, I may also post corresponding blog posts with more information for those interested.

Lit review in progress…

One of the (many) questions that has arisen from…

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3 thoughts on “Should mobile phone access be considered a basic need?

  1. Interesting topic you have here! I think when you look at refugees education through training courses about technology, you could mention the reasons behind this. For example, in Australia’s workforce, it is an expectation to have knowledge about the Microsoft suite and inputting data (whether that’s typing on a keyboard or inserting a customers order) and without this knowledge puts job seekers at a severe disadvantage. For refugees who are trying to start a new life in a developed country, these courses could mean the difference between unemployment and the beginning of a career. I’m curious to see how you’ll further your research, keep it up!

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  2. It seems so backwards and pointless that people are provided with SIM cards, yet most likely no way to use them. I don’t think refugees would particularly mind if they’re locations are tracked after being declared a refugee as a mobile phone is probably the only way their able to keep in contact with their loved ones.


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