Research: Functions and Personalities

Shenae's Paige

This blog post is purely just to post my research on robots. I have attached an image of a table of comparison of functions of robots. I have also included a list of information comparing the personalities of fictional robots. I will be taking out the key functions and aspects that I feel would be relevant and effective for my sentient phone, which I will portray in my next blog post. Sorry if the image is small, it was hard to fit it all in.
Robot functionsKryten: Red Dwarf

  • Purpose: Sanitation Droid- to enjoy cleaning and serving others
  • Lost his obedience programs- was able to better himself= sentience
  • Became science expert amongst the Dwarfers
  • Got nicknames such as “Captain Bog-bot” and “Commander U-Bend” due to this dichotomy
  • Has emotional capabilities- leads him to deactivating his shutdown disk (planned obsolescence)
  • Greatest ambition= to be human
  • Attempts to learn to lie and insult…

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