An Exotic Lie Detector, A Consensual Hallucination, Crime Coefficient over 531


Last week I researched the Cyberpunk genre, its dystopic settings, its portrayal of (or the lack of) the separation of the organic and artificial, as well as Jon Turneys “Imagined objects”. From here I will begin refining my final digital artefact, with the aim of developing a complete Virtual Cyberpunk Store.

To begin, I have selected the first 3 objects I will be exploring:

1. The Voight Kampff Machine – Blade Runner:
A lie detector-type device that allows the user to distinguish between humans and androids using biometrical measurements.


2. The OSC 7 Cyberdeck – Neuromancer:
An advanced computer system used to jack into the matrix.




3. The DominatorPsycho-Pass:
A gun that can determine the identity of the user, requiring authentication in order to read and send psychological data (Psycho-Pass) of targets in order to calculate their crime coefficient.



For each of these objects displayed in my store, I will create an in-depth discourse exploring the textual background and the contextual societal concerns, as well as a description of what they are used for within their texts.
A further element I am considering is pricing the items in specific currencies, and possibly even creating comparisons between similar items.

This will involve drawing on Cyberpunk theory, as well as wider sci-fi theory and how these genres impact on real science and technology. Furthermore, research into Design Fiction will help in my representation of the ‘imagined objects’. Lastly, and most obviously I will, and have been, engaging in the texts of which these items come from.

Another step which I am about take is to begin developing the store site. If I can find an effective way of reading material within VR, I will definitely be looking at creating a VR store, with my items through Unreal Engine. However, I feel a much more realistic approach will be to create a web-store.


3 thoughts on “An Exotic Lie Detector, A Consensual Hallucination, Crime Coefficient over 531”

  1. The Dominator is a really scary machine, because it ultimately decides if you live or die based on your Psycho Pass, but it doesn’t take into account other any other aspects like reasoning, previous history or likely hood of recovery. I remember in the first episode where the innocent victim of a heinous crime is sentenced to death simply because the Dominator deemed her too distressed to function normally within society. It brings into light to the question can machines ever truly understand ethics from a series of implemented systems and regulations? I guess that is what makes humans human, the ability to decipher when it’s right to be “wrong”, when it is ok to break the rules for the greater good and when to put empathy over logic.


  2. This is so great – I kind of wonder whether each of these objects of Cyberspace are indeed present within our time. Obviously not with the exaggerated, fictional looks, but the thinking and theory behind them. For example – The Voight Kampff Machine is very similar to those CAPTCHA forms upon signing up to a forum – all just to see whether you’re “Not a Robot”. The OSC 7 Cyberdeck is a little more difficult to visualise in today’s age – but something very relevant to what we will be able to achieve in the near future. The Dominator is similar to Thor’s Hammer, Harry Potter’s Wand or even the future of Police Firearms, where the handle of the pistol is only engaged if it is truly linked to the user!

    Can’t wait to read on!


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