Cyber Fears



This week I began analyzing the results from my survey. The aim was to discover the answers to several key questions regarding my research topic about Cyberpunk and Cyber Fears …

  • Are we more accepting of new technology?
  • What kind of fears do we have regarding our current technologies?
  • Do we still have a dystopian view of the future or do we have more positive perceptions?
  • Is there room for the cyberpunk genre to re-emerge in our modern culture?
  • And if so how might it be different?

Originally I was aiming to get around 40 participants, but thanks to Facebook and its mass message capabilities I was able to get 80. This was really exciting because it gave a large range of in depth answers to work with and draw ideas from. Here are some of the trends I noticed…

35% of participants stated they had a negative perception of…

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2 thoughts on “Cyber Fears

  1. You mention that 35% of people have a dystopic view of the future of our world, however only 6% believe technology to be dangerous. Perhaps that is a result of change in our environments, perhaps sped up as a result of our technological advancement ( Unfortunately this becomes a tragedy of the commons (, with everyone trying to maximise their profit. Imposing restrictions won’t slow it down, as other parties will continue to pollute just as much, if not more.
    I do agree that pop culture and films have a large impact on the fears of our future. It is giving a tangible understanding to what we worry about, and displaying it in a matter, which almost seems real. An interesting different perspective on the future of technology can be seen in the 2nd episode of Black Mirror: 15 Million Merits ( s01e02, also available on Australian Netflix). This episode showcases a world that centres only around games/television, and powering those games, which is interesting in itself, because although the characters have the freedom of choice re: what to watch/play, they have been rendered into a passive environment with consuming being their primary function.
    This is also an interesting paper I found while searching the web, looking at technological advancements and how it impacts humanity. (
    Tom Scott also has some interesting videos about the future and technology which might be worth checking out (

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