Cybercrime: Under No Single Jurisdiction

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The Internet has no physical location, beyond borders and is globally inclusive. As a result, devices are interacting from all parts of the world, controlled by completely different people whom all have a different standard of ethics to one another. This variation in ethics and justifications along combined with no single body monitoring cyberspace leads to the common practice of cybercrime. Criminal activity is even committed over Cyberspace via government bodies including North Korea, Russia, China (Perl, 2007) Cybercrime is highly complex, the perpetrator or group could be in another country, use software, proxies, or have some other kind McGuire’s (2012) found that up to “80% of cybercrime could be the result of some form of organized activity.” With those involved based in “loosely associated illicit networks rather than formal organizations (Décary-Hétu & Dupont, 2012). Consider the greater range of skills, resources and capabilities of cybercriminals through having underground connections.

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One thought on “Cybercrime: Under No Single Jurisdiction”

  1. Policing something that is so large and open was always going to prove to be a difficult task. The fact that people are able to commit crimes with no consequences is shocking and shows how much the legal system needs to be updated. The lack of evidence that means most cyber cases are never bought to court shows a lack of training by those in charge of the investigation. There needs to be greater eduction as a whole surrounding cybercrime. People seem to just view it as stealing a credit card number, when in fact it is so much more than that.


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