Cyber Fears

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This week I began analyzing the results from my survey. The aim was to discover the answers to several key questions regarding my research topic about Cyberpunk and Cyber Fears … Are we more accepting of new technology? What kind of fears do we have regarding our current technologies? Do we…

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An Exotic Lie Detector, A Consensual Hallucination, Crime Coefficient over 531

  Last week I researched the Cyberpunk genre, its dystopic settings, its portrayal of (or the lack of) the separation of the organic and artificial, as well as Jon Turneys “Imagined objects”. From here I will begin refining my final digital artefact, with the aim of developing a complete Virtual Cyberpunk Store. To begin, I […]

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Hacktivism: Ethics in the Chaos

B. Jones

Is the action that hacktivists take ethical? Obviously this idea changes from person to person but on a whole it becomes harder to judge. The actions that hacktivists take are towards people who may be committing unethical actions and to ignore these actions could be seen as just as unethical.

An aspect of Hacktivism is the idea of civil disobedience, which in essence is the refusal to obey the commands of a Government or Occupying power. As we are aware hacking is considered to be illegal, if you are on system with unauthorized access then you are breaking the law but when the laws around this are seemingly quite vague knowing when the law has been broken can be difficult.

In the US there is the CFAA (The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act), this act can simply put you at risk by not reading a terms of service on a…

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360 Drones >Eagles

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Drone Ethnography Ethnography – refers to studies of a cultures customs and habits “Nanomachines, flying robots, botnets, and AI. The genre status switches between blockbuster and headline on a weekly basis.” The Internet is already a widely accepted use of technology, no one has any problems…

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