H+ and Gods

At first glance,  the ideas of religion and transhumanism oppose each other – the rejection of the forms given to us by God, etc., etc. Some transhumanists argue that transhumanism replaces religion and requires no gods – it allows humans to assume godlike roles in controlling our being and destiny. In a survey conducted by the […]

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Every day transhumanists

Transhumanism as a movement is interested in enhancing the human condition and the lives of humans with man-made technologies. In previous posts, I discussed some radical examples.LED  lights under the skin, RFID chips – one artist even had a camera attached to his head to turn colours into sounds.Technologies like these make transhumanism seem scary […]

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Feminist, Artificial and Intelligent

Since its modern iterations, artificial intelligence (AI) has been – unfortunately and possibly mistakenly – linked to gender. Even though AI has been theorised about since the Ancient Greeks (you can find a timeline of AI here), it was Alan Turing’s conceptualisation of a test to ascertain a machine’s intelligence (now known as the Turing test) that may […]

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eSports Betting

For an event to be legally allowed to be bet on it must consist of the three following things: Risk: Wager Reward: Return on wager Randomness: Chance It can be said that professional gaming meet all three of these criteria’s and should therefore be a legitimate events that can have bets placed on. For any emerging industry, the […]

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The Most Merciful Thing

> The Plan This prezi maps the different stories that will become part of a larger transmedia work. The information present is still a work in progress and will shift as other things are added, rethought, and repositioned. This project has grown to involve the game I’ve designed from DIGC310. > The Scientist I constructed this […]

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Gambling: 24/7

As I studied the culture and behaviours surrounding fantasy sports, the more I learnt that gambling seemed to go hand in hand with this online activity. This behaviour is particularly prevalent in the United States. Comments on my previous blog post and a podcast that Chris sent through to me, got me thinking of the […]

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