Genesis 3:19

According to Genesis 3:19 By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food” condemned Adam to a life of endless labour for his consumption of forbidden fruit. According to Wells, T. (2014) through the introduction of robots into society and the introduction of universal basic income (UBI) humanity may finally rid ourselves of this dire sin.

The prospect of UBI is becoming increasingly prominent through the idea of an automated society. The Committee for Economic Development in Australia  (CEDA, 2015) reports that up to 40 per cent of Australian jobs existing today have a moderate chance of disappearing within 15 years as a result of automation. While technology doesn’t necessarily reduce employment, UBI may allow for a softening blow for low-skilled workers (Whigham, N. 2016). Wells states that if automation does significantly impact the capacity of employed individuals, our economic system may ultimately experience an overproduction/underconsumption crisis.

Following the displacement of work within the manufacturing industry following the industrial revolution, increases in clerical employment dismissed the idea of technological unemployment (Hughes, J. 2014). Hughes floats the idea that we may entering a techno-utopian period, and thus no solutions to technological unemployment due to ‘superabundance’ are advantageous or required, as through access to 3D printers allowing low-socioeconomic individuals the capacity to build whatever they want. Perhaps through techno-utopia we may commit the grave sin of idolatry.

However Wells (2014) demonstrates that we are brought back to the moral ground of the protestant work ethic which I have discussed thoroughly in previous posts, embedded by Western religions may prove to be the ultimate hurdle. Since the economy is a foundation of various constructs that make up a measurable value, it would be wrong to apply any ethical or religious imposition upon economic achievement of further value for society.



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2 thoughts on “Genesis 3:19

  1. It’s definitely a scary thought to feel threatened in your profession by something (not someone) that exceeds your own abilities. As graphic design as my first degree, it’s a little unnerving to have websites like Canva and others that literally do what I do at a cheaper rate and efficiency x 100.
    This post made me think of all the courses and articles I’ve seen about universities and companies attempting to shift the career pursuits of younger generations to cater for the technological driven future we’re headed for. I’ve seen an overwhelming push for coding because people know how much opportunity there is going to be in that area of expertise. It will be interesting to see in 10 or so years what professions will be exhausted because of this.
    Interesting read!


  2. I agree with you. Its only a matter of time we become obsolete as a race. Well i hope not but in terms of jobs and industries its no doubt that automation is cheaper, easier , more reliable than a human , if it screws up, buy another one but saying that is automation a lucury only big corps will enjoy, i dont think any small business will be able to afford these machines.

    saying that these machines cant do every job. jobs that rely on our traits like (seeing, hearing , smelling, feeling and tasting)

    everyones going to become a hacker to keep their jobs and f*** the robots over .
    I dont know how comfortable id be with a robot teaching my kids in a school. thats something they cannot do or perfect.
    A robot cant be a chef because i like my shit well done you know .

    keep going dude , excited to see what youre going to come up with.. but nevertheless an important issue everyone should be looking into .


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