Does authenticity exist in social media? Probably not would be my answer, we all glamorise our social media profiles in some way or another. I’m not saying that it is bad that social media is unauthentic but rather trying to draw that people need to be aware of the truth behind what people post. Exaggerating on social media by portraying this perfect persona of our life through filtered lenses is the same as celebrities who look beautiful but have actually spent millions on plastic surgery, except for us theres no surgery, instead strategic lighting, angles and filters.

Have you heard of the social media application called BEME ? Bebe is an application that was launched in 2015 that promises to free people from the snobbery behind what they post. Authenticity is in short supply online, says application founder and creator Casey Neistat with social media forcing us to present over-stylized and over-perfect versions of ourselves to world. Bebe is an app where the user can only record and post video when the front of their phone screens are covered up, the suggested ways for this are to press the front of the phone to your head or chest so that a 4 second clip can record your surroundings and post it automatically without you being able to edit or filter.

Here’s Kevin Spacey talking about Beme

I tested out the app and it honestly felt a little weird, it even felt a bit invasive as i posted videos without having any control over them. I did find it interesting watching other peoples posts as it was like I was living in their shoes momentarily. It was nice though when posting to not have to worry about filtering or planning the image.

However I don’t necessarily think that Beme, although is achieving to create an authentic social media app is actually succeeding, because we can still choose when and what we post. Like I could only Beme when i’m doing excersise, or run for 2 minutes and post it to Beme without actuating running? Social media isn’t authentic, but are we as humans actually authentic? We all act differently when we’re around certain people, I’m probably more “authentic” around my family as I feel more comfortable around them, however I might try to be more happy, fun or interesting if I’m around new friends or people I’ve never met before. Social media is just another part of how humans want other humans to perceive them. It’s way we talk, dress, act and now thanks to social media what we post that helps others define who we are. I make sure my instagram feed makes me look like a happy, fun, adventurous not because I want to falsify who I am but because I want my followers to enjoy the photos I post.

2 thoughts on “Authentic”

  1. I actually wrote a blog post on a similar topic this for a different subject, about the different ways people present themselves on different social media platforms. One of the journals I read likened it to front of house and back of house of a stage show. Front of house is on stage, for the audience, whereas back of house is less reserved. You can have a look here if you like –


  2. People have an incredible ability to act as social chameleons – we act differently, or operate on different rule books depending on our audience.
    Recently I had an interesting conversation with a classmate about picture filters, snapchat, Insta, etc. Her view was that filters and editing is no different than wearing makeup or choosing nice clothes. I personally wear whatever clothes smell clean, and apply eyebrow pencil and mascara maybe once a month. Does this make me more authentic than her?
    Online platforms have given us incredible power in self-mediation and deciding how we’d like to be perceived. But how effective are our efforts? An interesting comparison is this blog from another DIGC335 student –

    A question I’d like to pose is what is authenticity? In the way it is discussed in mainstream media and social media, the word ‘unauthentic’ just sounds like another insult. How do we attain authenticity? More importantly, who is the judge?


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