APIs for Students


My exploration of the API focusses on its ability to assist in agency for an individual within a system. I’m exploring beyond the grounds of feedback systems, and assessing other forms of potential Edutech platforms.

APIs – application program interfaces – provide a programme to access and interact with datasets within another program. APIs let you build, hack and remix current systems. For example, a student has utilised Twitter’s API to post (on their behalf) data pulled from UOW’s Parking API to build a (somewhat satirical) Twitter account that tweets out parking availability amongst social commentary. Or, something more elaborate that integrates data from BOM weather mapping, and Livetrafic feed with UOW parking data. Both of these (Indie edutech) platforms are possible due to the availabilities of APIs. Essentially, connecting two (or more) data sets from separate systems produces more value than either of them could independently:…

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