Better Half?

We are apprehensive of the upcoming future . We naturally fear change because we know what we were, but we do not know what will become.
As I progress and research more I find that my opinion shifts constantly. I find I dont support what I once did , what I once thought was a brilliant idea now scares me .

It is no surprise that A.I is getting smarter everyday . Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking have all warned us of the dangers of A.I .  Someone posted  “Ive seen things you people haven’t seen before” on the cyberccultures blog . This got me thinking if an A.I is uploaded with everything we know on snowboarding does that mean it now becomes better at snowboarding than us .Does experience really matter ? Does A.I care about a stupid subjective experience. ?

Ray Kurzweil, explains in a symposium held at Stanford during the  year 2000 that ‘neural nets’ which are inspired by organic central nervous systems are ever developing all the time. The web becomes more complext the more nets are consturcted which makes it difficult ‘to train’ but in turn expressing much more intelligent and deeper behaviour. They are learning to simulate the deep and meaningful emotions we humans are associated with. Exponential paradigm shifts have proven that we are learning to learn faster. Moores Law also brings into factor the idea of singularity that we are producing double the amount of transistors on an integrated circuit and just judging the data as a complete idiot you can ask this question. “At what point does the human brain become obsolete?” . Will these Synths and mechanical minds actually be preferred over a human mind. Ray also estimates that by the year 2019 $1000 worth of circuitry will rival the 20 billion connections a human brain will make a second . We can already touch and feel the technology that will potentially make us inferior. By 2029, $1000 cicruitry will equal 1000 human brains and by 2050 this circuitry would be able to compute the same amount of information that is computed in a second by every brain in the world .
Are Synths really the future. Our we going to be outdone by our better halves.
I highly recommend everyone watch this symposium.
Everyone goes nuts over a lineup of DJ’s at an upcoming festival, this here is a lineup we should be going crazy for . MooresLaw2


Hofstadter, Doug et al. “Will Spiritual Robots Replace Humanity By 2100?”. 2000. Presentation.

2 thoughts on “Better Half?”

  1. Heya very interesting stuff. I love to dream about advanced A.I but the more I learn the more I realise it isn’t that far away.
    I’m not surprised you’re often changing your views on things and I think we have to as we learn more and more day to day which challenges our beliefs and understanding of the world.
    I definitely don’t have any background in computer science or any research to back me up but I doubt that computers will one day have true ‘consciousness’. I definitely believe that it won’t be long until they are much smarter than us as detailed by the singularity graph you provided but I can’t imagine them being conscious at least until we understand fully what consciousness is on our end.
    You asked the question about whether or not if A.I is uploaded with certain information that they can be better at us at snowboarding. I definitely believe they would be, getting robots to do our jobs better and faster than us is why we have them but there is a whole load of subjective goodness under style which I don’t think A.I could encapsulate.
    I listened to an awesome TED talk today about cancer finding nanotechnology which echoes some of your ideas that you should check out…

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