The Most Merciful Thing

> The Plan

This prezi maps the different stories that will become part of a larger transmedia work. The information present is still a work in progress and will shift as other things are added, rethought, and repositioned.

This project has grown to involve the game I’ve designed from DIGC310.

> The Scientist

I constructed this atmospheric piece using the free audio editing software Audacity, effects from freesound, music from Free Music Archive, a quote from Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu.

This is part one of the audio portion of this transmedia project. The context of the character isn’t clear through this alone. However, the machine-oriented environment is implied through the background sound, and the word “facility” raises questions about the type of research being undertaken. This storyline will be expanded on in future recordings. If you looked at the Prezi, you’ll notice that “The Scientist” leads into “The Object,” which in turn leads into “The Madman” (these are working titles). This podcast will refer to the creation and growth of the mysterious, questionably sentient object that is used to solve puzzles in a related game. The mysterious nature of the object means it requires the same depth of description as Lovecraft’s more unknowable creatures – with attention paid to its overall feel and to the things it does, rather than the way it looks or any other concrete information that could be used to identify it.

To synthesize this with the very visible and tangible object of the game, the object in the podcast will be “boxed” by the end. The casing will need to be something that implicitly draws attention to its contents through its form – like a treasure chest or a book. This is what the player character will interact with.

Original post on Data Eater: The Most Merciful Thing

6 thoughts on “The Most Merciful Thing”

  1. This audio piece is an absolutely fascinating take on the impact of mind uploads or the singularity upon human happiness. It raises important questions about the human capacity to process information, stress, and pain. If we can see and understand the world faster, better, in a more connected way, will we still want to be a part of it?
    I may be far off base, but this audio piece has definitely further encouraged some of my own questioning about how transhumanism impacts upon happiness, or perhaps the soul.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s some really impressive insight into the audio piece – it’s right on the money. Out of curiosity, did you get that depth of interpretation from the audio piece itself, or did you rely on the context of the rest of the blog to inform it?


  2. TBH I kind of skim-read the blog (I’m still at work, having been at the office since this morning). The audio really got my attention though. I’d be really interested in hearing more, it really got under my skin.


    1. Not really, unfortunately. It didn’t end up fitting in with any of my projects, so for the sake of prioritizing my time I had to abandon it for now. Thanks for asking, though! Knowing that someone remembers it makes it feel a little more worth it. 🙂


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