360 Heros Vs 360Fly For Custom Drone

T H I N K Sam

The software that comes with the 360heros camera mount is a software called 360CamMan v.2 that is a stitching application that allows the user to format all 6 SD cards before using them in the go pros. This allows the GoPros to have a unique camera number up to 6, that then corresponds with a position on the mount, me trying to work this out is shown in the video below.

The idea is to rename the SD cards, clear them of content, then using another software (Vahana VR or equivalent) then input each recording together to create the immersive 360-degree camera. This, upon research and trial testing, is very advanced programming and is used for 4K resolution footage. For the projects I’m undertaking, this has proved to be more advanced than its worth. For the drone 360 recording of an inside of a culvert, the results need to be…

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