Drones & 360 Videos

T H I N K Sam

Link to 360 Degree Drones Prezi


Cyberculture can be referred to as the “response to the ubiquitous presence and use of computers and networks for aspects of contemporary social life” for example entertainment.  I wanted to link ‘computers’ to a broader extension of what is thought of, in a PC or laptop, to a motherboard of controls to Arduino to robotics, thus drones and their hardware.

Over the last year I’ve built an expertise looking into Drones In Agriculture as well as Production, Consumption and Representation of Drones in China.

This allowed me to then extend the interest into First Person View (FPV) Drone viewing and 360 degree cameras, modding quadcopters for performance and overall extending their immediate and obvious tasks, then their implication to the way the drone is represented to a wider consumer. Initially I set out to study the use of FPV goggles in racing situations and the cybernetic relationship between the craft’s…

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