The Bad Apple


The birth of the corporation began after the Industrial age in 1712, when the need arose to boost productivity. They have since grown into a dominant and prevalent part of our daily lives as we consume every product and service, which they release to us. We like to believe that the corporation was established to work together with the community, to inspire them towards a more economical future.


However, with the rise of the cyberpunk genre, the image of an ‘evil corporation’ otherwise known as the megacorp has altered the way we view corporations and their work for the community. William Gibson’s 1984 novel ‘Neuromancer’ captures the niche market of the science fiction genre, cyberpunk, steering heavily towards a “technological near-future dystopia” (Samplereality, 2014).


Gibson also refers heavily to a recurring political dominance of ‘megacorps’, which suggest a “person” (organisation) who hold “immense power over many markets and often have…

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