The Future According To Video Games

Briana Williams

Ideas about the future have been prevalent in popular culture for hundreds of years. Books, movies, and more recently, video games, have all grappled with what the future will hold for society and how that then affects what it means to be human. My particular interest is how this is portrayed in video games.

Games such as the Fallout and Mass Effect franchises, Overwatch, and even the Assassin’s creed franchise, all predict what will become of society and technology in the not too distant future. Some of them portray a future where humanity has discovered new technologies that allow us to travel the galaxy, some show the dissolution of society as we know it, and some strike somewhere in the middle. Video games, as with most other forms of fiction, show us a world that is often vastly different from ours, in order to explore familiar concepts.

For my Cybercultures…

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