Entangling with Virtual Reality Development

When it comes to innovation and paradigm shifting technology for now and the future, there are few platforms carrying more potential than Virtual and Augmented reality.

vr stats
Source: Statista

In cyberculture, visionaries such as Mcluhan and Gibson have long since predicted an age where computers and humans are behaving in unison to achieve an unprecedented state of conciousness. The development of VR and AR technologies are key to this experience in cyberculture, by providing another dimension of experience to gaming and other immersive journeys.

Unfortunately there are a few key issues holding VR back:

  • Pricing
  • Lack of Variety among apps
  • Effects of use largely unconsidered

Thus, to tangle with the process of app development is to tangle with these issues and aim to alleviate any of these concerns which may be irrational. Over the course of the next few months i will be utilising the VR/game development application: Unity, to learn how to create my own Virtual Reality experience, this comes from someone with no experience using 3D modelling software and a very basic understanding of how VR works.

Throughout this process i will be recording and documenting the challenges i face along the way, i will create weekly-fortnightly blog posts of at least 3 parts to explain exactly how i did this and what resources were helping me through this, including screenshots and possibly some contextual podcasts.

The objective for me is one of personal curiousity and discovery, as well as promoting this growing technology to reach its potential across the cyberculture and the broader media landscape. Throughout each iteration of the blog posts, i aim to be able to give a better-educated and advanced explanation as to what i have achieved in each week of experimenting.

I came across a useful introductory video for Unity to come to grips with starting this project and getting an insight into how i should from each iteration of my progress blogs.

To follow the progress, contribute ideas or access the final Prezi emcompassing all the research, you can access my blog through: https://samhazeldine.wordpress.com or Twitter: @hazeldinesam.

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