Fear of AI and ethics


Though the invasion of artificial intelligence is no longer a strange topic, it remains a hot one. Since the early days of the Internet, people started questioning about the development of technology that endangers human’s life. To be specific, there is a classic hypothesis concerning super intelligence set forth in 1965, which is called “intelligence explosion”:

An AI sufficiently intelligence to understand its own design could redesign itself or create a successor system, more intelligent, which could then redesign itself yet again to become even more intelligence, and so on in a positive feedback cycle.
– I. J. Good (1965) –

Yudkowsky (2008) listed three families of metaphors visualising the capability of AI:

  • Inspired by differences of individual intelligence between humans: AIs will patent new inventions, publish groundbreaking research papers, make money on the stock market or lead political power block
  • Inspired by knowledge differences between past and present human…

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