The “Rising” of Technology


It’s no myth that technology is deeply integrated into our way of living. As stated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in this report “The number of households with access to the internet at home increased, reaching 7.7 million in 2014–15, representing 86% of all households (up from 83% in 2012–13)” As for what devices were used to access the internet in these households the results are as follows:

  • Desktop/Laptop: 94%
  • Mobile/Smart phones: 86%
  • Tablets: 62%

This is only one aspect of technology that’s integrated into many people’s lives but what are the effects? Many movies, books and even games have questioned the future of technology but there is one that is unique; Metal Gear Rising. Despite being set in a video game world, it is an interesting look at (while extreme and almost unbelievable at times) what technology can offer.

The Metal Gear series is infamous for it’s themes…

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