Brand Me And My Identity

Cyberculture and Tattooism

Society is currently changing its dynamics on the acceptance and exposure of tattoos, or more importantly, the notion of the growing epidemic of tattoo culture. Other than clothing being the first projection of identity, the skin is becoming the greatest asset of individuals to propose our sense of identity. Skin itself is already expressive, we already hold a very decorative and symbolic ‘tattoo’ to say the lease, a continuity that will not change; our fingerprints, literally a human bar code. With this being said, the digital age in which we currently live in has huge potential with the concept of tattoos holding some aspect of continuity mixed with our biological makeup. For my Cybercultures project, I will be investigating just this, the impact and effects technology has had, does have and the possibility it can have with the future prospects of tattooing, tattoo culture and identity. Finally, I would like…

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