DIGC335: Blog post#1


Make Low-poly graphic great again:

A critical study about the state of low-poly graphic, its applications and manifestations


This project will set out to first and foremost, discuss low-poly graphic not only as one of the thriving art forms of the popular culture, but also as a concept, a fundamentally artistic yet conceptual way of observing reality via an abnormal perspective or perhaps, for the sake of clarity, a state of mind. Subsequently, the papers will then aim to inform readers more about the technicalities of low-poly graphic, its history and development, primary usage and functionality as well as its stylistic variations. Finally, myself as the author and a practitioner of the graphic design discipline will hopefully be able provide a thorough demonstration about the artistic process of making a low-poly graphic piece while giving rise to my perpetual concerns about the state of the art form and ways…

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